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As an engineer, he was a disaster. He started his working life as an engineer but later became a teacher. A top German engineer has been appointed to troubleshoot the cause of the accident. The engineer soon got the air-conditioning up and running again.
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In Greece, the academic title of Diploma" Engineer" is awarded after completion of the five-year engineering study course and the title of Certified" Engineer" is awarded after completion of the four-year course of engineering studies at a Technological Educational Institute TEI.
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from engine -eer suffix forming agent nouns denoting people associated with, concerned with, or engaged in specified activities, possibly modelled after Middle French ingénieur a variant of Middle French, Old French engigneour; see above, and Italian ingegniere engineer obsolete; modern Italian ingegnere.
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1: to lay out, construct, or manage as an engineer engineer a bridge. 2 a: to contrive or plan out usually with more or less subtle skill and craft engineer a business deal. b: to guide the course of engineer a rally.
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engineer - Ingenieur. Letzter Beitrag: 02 Apr. Unter Engineer habe ich auf u. folgende Definition gefunden: In Britain. Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer. Letzter Beitrag: 22 Aug. Contractor shall assemble a multi-disciplinary VE team that includes a Certified Value Speci.

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