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convey kn-v conveyed; conveying. Definition of convey. 1 a: to bear from one place to another especially: to move in a continuous stream or mass. b: to impart or communicate by statement, suggestion, gesture, or appearance struggling to convey his feelings.
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Again, if you get students to do the drawing too, then this can make the class more memorable and can be made a regular revision feature of your lessons. Time lines are also a great way of conveying the meaning of different verb tenses.
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From the Cambridge English Corpus. It would also have implications for identifying the central pathways conveying the visual information, and hence for the retinal sources. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Subject realization in syntactic development same information as is otherwise conveyed by overt subjects.
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IN THIS EDITION OF MOS CORNER-OUR REGULAR FEATURE THAT AIMS TO ANSWER COMMONLY ASKED OUESTIONS ABOUT THE MANUFACTURE AND PROCESSING OF PLASTICS-WE TURN OUR ATTENTION TO CONVEYING. The dynamics of pipes conveying fluid receives considerable attention always because it contains abundant mechanical phenomena.
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Look up a word, learn it forever. Definitions of conveying. act of transferring property title from one person to another. synonyms: conveyance, conveyance of title, conveyancing. see more see less. types: delivery, legal transfer, livery. the voluntary transfer of something title or possession from one party to another.
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